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Do you get sore knees or hips from walking or running?
Do you feet get tired & do you wonder if your stride is inefficient?
Do you get bunions?

Having an efficient and stable base for our bodies to stand, walk and run is integral to maintaining proper alignment and function for the rest of the body. The foot can have alignment problems of too much pronation (rolling in of the ankle) or supination (rolling out of the ankle) during the different phases of walking and standing. The over rotation that occurs to the leg with poor foot mechanics can cause knee, hip or back problems beyond the foot problems themselves.

State of the Art Analysis

Our clinic offers dynamic gait analysis, with the latest available pressure mat and computer scan. The latest sensors allow measurement during fast walking or even running. This can pick up poor mechanics that might cause knee, hip or back problems during the stride (i.e. shin splints or ITB syndrome).

During an examination for orthotics, we first examine your feet both while standing and sitting, to determine arch height, as well as forefoot and rearfoot deformities. Your walking gait is then observed. We then ask you to walk across the pressure mat. The pressure mat, containing 4096 electronic sensor points, is connected to a computer. As you walk across the mat, it scans your feet in motion 125 times per second, taking incredibly precise measurements throughout your footsteps. This means we can accurately analyze children as well as runners. It measures the way your feet touch the ground and how you distribute your body weight. That information is analyzed by the computer to produce 2D and 3D images of your feet (you can see them on the screen). The same information is then fed via modem to sophisticated diagnostic software that specifies the orthotics for you. Within two weeks, the orthotics are sent back to our clinic.

Insurance Often Covers the Cost

If you think orthotics might help you, speak to your chiropractor. You may be surprised at how easily they can provide relief. And check your insurance plan, because many plans allow for one pair of orthotics per year. You may be fully covered for the cost.

Contact us directly for further information or to arrange an analysis.

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