Man stretching his arms at a desk in a home office environment

Do you have poor posture?
Do you get shooting pain into your leg?
Do you have trouble bending down?
Is checking your blind spot a problem?

It is complaints like these that chiropractic care can positively impact. You may not have considered that ache after gardening or household chores, or your shoulder or wrist problems, or that stiffness in the morning to be within the realm of chiropractic but they often are!

We all grow up with the idea that optometrists work on the eyes, dentists work on the teeth, etc., and people often think of chiropractors as back doctors because they work on the spine. However, with respect to chiropractic, that perspective isn’t totally correct. Chiropractors can diagnose and treat any joint, muscle, tendon and nerve impingement issue wherever it occurs. The spine becomes an important focal point because all nerves travel in and out of this important moving structure. Hence, irritation at the spinal level can have a profound effect at many levels of the human body.

The Chiropractor’s Role

By definition, health is the optimal state of physical, mental and social well-being not just the absence of disease or infirmity. The dictating factor of health is 100% co-ordinated functioning of all the systems and tissues of the body. The controller of the functioning is the nervous system. The purpose of the spine and nervous system is to control and co-ordinate the function of every tissue, every organ and every system in your body and to adapt you to your environment and to fully express your life force. Therefore, if there is any interference affecting the nerve system, whatever is at the other end of those nerves that have been affected is simply not going to function normally.

The role of the chiropractor is to find that interference and to reduce or eliminate it if possible, so your body can function as optimally as possible and so that you can be as healthy as possible.

If you want to be 100% alive then you have to find out what is stopping you from getting there. That is what chiropractic is all about — restoring your life force — this is what makes chiropractic different from medicine.

Chiropractor consulting with a female patient, discussing personalized treatment recommendations

Treating the Underlying Cause

As you already may know, chiropractors never prescribe drugs, perform surgery, or use any medical procedures, because these measures only treat symptoms. One of the major tenets in chiropractic philosophy is that of the innate potential of the body to heal itself, if the nervous system is functioning optimally. The purpose in chiropractic is not to treat or cover up symptoms, bur rather to detect, reduce and even correct the underlying cause of why the body is not functioning properly.

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Techniques & Treatments

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More Services

BioPerformance Golf

The BioPerformance Golf program offers services designed to create peak performance and reduce potential injuries. Take your game to the next level!

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional symptomatology pinpoints nutritional inadequacies as well as digestive deficiencies which can be corrected by changes in diet or food supplementation.


Having an efficient and stable base for our bodies to stand, walk and run is integral to maintaining proper alignment and function for the rest of the body.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage increases blood circulation, loosens and breaks down scar tissue and increases flexibility. Massage is also one of the most effective ways to combat stress, relax the mind and lift the spirit.

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