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The location is very convenient (not far from Orleans, right off Highway 174 at Blair Road), his office is very clean, and his assistant Carol is fantastic. You can also grab a bite to eat or do some shopping while at the mall.

Dr. Sweazey is a very knowledgeable, caring, and gentle Doctor of Chiropractic. Your overall health is very important to him, and it shows. I always feel better after having seen him or his business partner, Dr. Lindsay Clement. Dr. Sweazey’s helped me with posture, lower back pain and, most recently, concussion symptoms. I know he stays up-to-date with the latest information in the field. He also has interests in nutrition and exercise. He often gives free seminars in the evenings these various subjects.

Lastly, I know Mark is very involved in his community, his children’s activities (soccer coach, hockey, cycling, etc.) and his church.

There’s lots of reasons to go to the Gloucester Centre Chiropractic; I’ve been going for over 15 years for a reason!

- Patient of over 15 years

I had a severe lower back pain which I thought I will need a surgery to get it fixed. I couldn’t walk, work, drive my car or even sit down properly.

Thanks God I had the chance to be examined by Dr. Mark who after a number of sessions was able to make adjustments to the disc causing the pain and made it completely disappear and put my life back to normal.

Great staff members working at the clinic including Dr. Lindsay and Carol. Thank you all.

- Patient (Back pain)

I’ve had an excellent Experience. Dr. Mark has been working on my Jaw and neck and the results have been very good.
Strongly recommended.

- Patient (Jaw & neck)

Dr. Lindsay is amazing! She’s helped me with several different issues, and she’s done a great job every time. Thanks for all your help over the years!

- Patrick Blake

Dr. Clements is the best chiropractor I’ve ever had. Very professional, friendly and helpful. You should give her a shot!

- Ahmad Kabbara

It was the best decision coming here to fix the issues I was having in my back. I had collapsed and was sent to the ER due to severe pain in my back. The hospital literally did nothing to help me except give me painkillers that were just a little better than advil (which I had to plead for something stronger than regular advil) obviously painkillers are only a quick fix to mask the pain.

My visit with Mark (one of the chiropractors there) assessed my physical condition and listened to what I was feeling. One of the tests he has me do did active my condition acutely but this allowed him to diagnose my condition then and there as a pinch nerve. He said it was difficult to treat a pinched nerve but after making correction to my spine and shoulder, I did have pain throughout the day but woke up the next day with none. I went it 3 more times to make corrections with my spine, neck, and shoulder. I feel so much better after the few visits I was there.

I definitely recommend Mark for he is very professional and knowledgeable in his practice.

- Patient (Severe back pain)

I am a RN at the Ottawa Civic Hospital, working 12 hour shifts on my feet, days and nights. I started seeing Dr. Mark with work related back and hip pain. He quickly assessed the problem and treated it efficiently. I am also the mother of three boys. After the birth of my first son having received an epidural I had what I liked to call my spike, a spot on my vertebrae that was tender when touched, after a couple treatments from Dr. Mark that pain went completely away.

He was able to resolve my sciatic pain during pregnancy with my second son and correct my hip and pelvic pain postpartum. More notable though, is that he was able to complete an adjustment on me during labor with my third son. The adjustment diminished my back labor significantly and I was able to have a natural birth without any complications. My son, Cason was born 5 hours after my adjustment, a healthy 9 lbs, 12oz.

I recently brought my 3 ½ year old to see Dr. Mark, as he had spontaneously started wetting the bed after being fully potty trained for almost a year. After only one treatment the bed wetting stopped and has not happened again. Dr. Mark and his team are exceptional; his assistant Carol is top notch, always friendly and helpful. They go above and beyond and have been a vital part of my family’s health for the last 4 years. I am so thankful and as you can tell cannot say enough good things about Dr. Mark!

- Patient (Back, hip & nerve pain)

I recently experienced my first acute back stress reaction leaving me with very limited mobility and lots of pain. Dr. Sweazey’s knowledgeable approach combined IFC and chiropractic adjustment.

He worked a miracle allowing me to keep my March Break plans a mere week and a half later.

- Patient (Acute back pain)

After trying massage therapy, and physio for the last 2 years, my lower back and hip pain persisted. In the last 6 months, I was doing 20-40 minutes of stretches at least 6-7 days a week, with minor improvements.

I would usually be ok after my stretching, but by the end of the day, pain would creep back in. Nearly every morning, felt like groundhog day, since most of the pain would return.

I got fed up, with my routine, and wanted to try something different. I live near the area, and I remember that the gloucester center had a chiropractor for years. When I saw the positive review here, I decided to try it.

This is my 3rd week of treatment, and I am amazed by the results in such a short timeframe. I don’t remember the last time I have felt this great. I wake up in the morning and I don’t feel any pain….and I am sleeping 7.5+ hours of uninterrupted sleep for the first time in years, and it feels amazing.

Thank you Dr Mark!

- Patient (Hip pain)

For over 2 years now, Dr. Mark Sweazey has been making adjustments to my back, neck, wrist, knee and even my foot. His level of care is second to none, and he is surrounded by a wonderful support staff. Dr. Mark has helped me significantly with lower back pain, neck stiffness, knee pain from ACL injury, and tendonitis in my wrist.

He takes extra time to kneed out and massage tight spots on the body and each of his chiropractic adjustments are done with precision.

I have referred many people to Dr. Mark, including my wife and kids, and each of them have had only good things to say about him and his practice. I also have to mention his flexible schedule and home visit service, which has really helped with my busy family life.

- Patient of over 2 years

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